Starting from: Reykjavík
Season: 15th May-15th Sep
Duration: 6 hours (including transfer from Reykjavik to Hvalfjörður)
Difficulty: 3/5 (moderate difficulty - you need to be physically fit for this tour. Prior experience sea kayaking not necessary, but recommended)
Minimum age: 14 years old
Min: 2 pax Max: 6 pax per guide

A kayaking tour starting from Reykjavík, through the picturesque Hvalfjörður fjord.

Hvalfjörður (literal translation: Whalefjord) is a deep fjord surrounded by majestic mountains. Depending on weather condition, we might have to select another more suitable location in the same area. Although the alternative locations would be different, they would still be excellent for kayaking.

The kayaks are very stable and easy to use, and there are never more than 6 kayakers per guide. The tour requires good fitness, but there is no need for prior kayaking experience (although this is recommended).