Reykjavik top 10 for kids

The cool city of Reykjavik is incredibly child-friendly. Our guide to the top 10 things will be sure to keep your kids entertained and wanting to visit again...

Inspired by Iceland's basalt rock formations, the Harpa concert hall is sure to leave your kids fascinated. The glass facade is made up of multicoloured hexagonal panels which have LED lights. 
Check the event calendar for shows of interest to the kids:
It is also possible to take a 30 minute guided tour, children under 16 years are free.

With over 40 different species of birds and ducks, the Reykjavik pond is sure to be a favourite. There is a cafe right by the shore where you can get a cup of coffee whilst watching the kids have fun.
It is advised not to feed the birds during the breeding season as it attracts preying seagulls. We recommend getting seeds or grain since bread is not a healthy diet for them.

Many of the festivals have a variety of programmes for kids. Check the Children’s Film Festival and Culture Festival in April.
June is very interesting with the Festival of the Sea, Seaman's Day, the Colour Run, the Viking Festival and National Day.
For more information, check our festival guides. 

Volcano films
There are several places in downtown Reykjavik where you can catch a film or documentary about Iceland's well known and most recent volcanic eruptions. Apart from being educational, most kids find this insight into geology very interesting. It is especially a good option on a rainy day.

Videy island
Get away from the crowds and take a boat trip to Videy island where you can spend the afternoon walking around the island, bird watching and visit the Imagine Peace Tower. It is also possible to combine an island trip with a puffin watching tour.

With 18 geothermal pools across the city, you'll be spoilt for choice with most offering paddling pools, hot tubs, toys and waterslides to entertain the children.
If you're looking for a unique experience, try the Nautholsvik geothermal beach.

Museums and Exhibitions
Depending on the age and interest of the child, there is a wide variety of museums. Some of our favourites for kids are the Maritime Museum, National Museum, Whales of Iceland exhibition and the Arbaer open-air museum.

Whale and Puffin watching
Getting close to the gentle giants in their natural habitat is a thrilling adventure for kids, and is possible throughout the year from Reykjavik. In the summer these tours can also be combined with puffin watching so you can get acquainted with the clowns of the sea.

Horse riding
Small but sturdy, the friendly Icelandic horse is a perfect introduction to horse riding for kids and experienced riders will enjoy getting to know this unique breed and its fifth gait.
There is a wide variety of tours from Reykjavik with durations and levels to suit everyone!

We specialise in family holidays where your detailed itinerary is slower-paced and will include child-friendly sights and activities all around Iceland. Send us an email to plan the family trip of a lifetime!


Published by Halldór Pálmi Bjarkason on 21. October 2017